If you are drawn to beautiful, unique and one of a kind items, Welcome Home!  At The Hundredth Monkey, we have scoured the world for extraordinary merchandise to meet all of your styling needs. Whether you are decorating your home, hosting a special event or developing your own signature fashion look, put your trust in us.  Use our vignette pictures to guide your design vision or procure individual items from our online boutique.  We are working with great anticipation for The Hundredth Monkey's boutique Virtual Grand Opening. It's coming soon so be sure to subscribe for an invite & view our new blog posts. 

The Hundredth Monkey Design Saga - A blog for people who love unique items.

-Meet Karen Adams-


I LOVE to shop!  

I have a vivid imagination & eclectic vibe. 

Over the years I have earned the title of being

"a little eccentric"

 I wholeheartedly own that title. 

 I embrace all eras and design aesthetics.

I have partnered my collection of treasures, (many of them vintage or one of a kind) and my love of design into a beautiful boutique and blog...

The Monkey Bliss Boutique and

The Hundredth Monkey Design Saga 

 I love imagining the journey that each item has taken from its creator's hand to your home.

So, whether you purchase a single item, a house full of lovelies or just get inspired by one of our Vignettes, join us and create a page in your  design saga. 

 Experience the thrill of the hunt.  

 Karen Adams, Owner


The Hundredth Monkey

Web:  www.monkeybliss.com

Phone:  1-910-206-2611


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