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Bohemian Style And Decor, The New Farmhouse!

I am sure everyone would agree that 2020 was quite a ride! Well as in fashion, home decor and life, change is always just around the corner. Thank goodness for this reboot and opportunity to move forward. In case you have remained in a bubble for the past year, I am here to welcome in the latest design trend for 2021. I know many of you will be upset and unable to accept this news, but I speak the truth.

Farmhouse is out. Yes, I said it, no more chickens or welcome signs. Stop with descriptive words on everything, you should have learned all the objects you encountered in your home last year, thank you Rae Dunn. Trust me you will be able to identify a mug, your family in a photo and all other miscellaneous items you see without having words on them.

In 2021 let's open our arms and hearts to Bohemian Design. Our lives now need to be filled with many deep vibrant colors and textures. Each room becomes a welcoming cocoon,wrapping its walls around you in a rich eclectic vibe. More is better!

Indulge in eveything that stimulates your senses. Walls need to be covered in art. Tabletops filled with tchotchkes. Pillows overflowing on your sofa and covering your floor. Flamboyant lamps and layered throws. Moody lighting and well traveled trinkets in every corner of the room.

I have always loved a minimalist design aesthetic, but I accumulate too much stuff to embrace only one piece of art or sculpture per room.

My soul is that of a freespirited wandering artist. I embrace an exotic unconventional gypsy soul. In the late 19th century a movement of artists and poets emerged. Vagabonds and free spirits wandering in pursuit of a new artistic expression, they were labeled Bohemians. An existential harmony enveloped their lifestyle and design. Socially unconventional their avant garde ways were quickly embraced, the privileged and wealthy were quickly drawn into this unorthodoxed circle which they labeled "Haute Boheme". They felt that renaming the movement exemplified a higher more refined aesthetic for them to identify with. By either name the look is the same. Random objects and art stacked or layered. Not a bare spot in sight. Your eyes do not rest in this space. No rules or boundaries. Everything coexists in harmony. The juxtaposition of so many different unrelated objects results in making eveything cohesive and inviting.

Feel the freedom to experiment in your home. Experience how when you group your favorite belongings together they unite in an harmonic way. Go into your attic, visit estate sales and thrift stores, begin with one item that draws you in. And always remember to check out for amazing hard to find items that would love to merge with your treasures.

If you feel drawn to experiment with this trending design style The Hundredth Monkey is here to help. Visit our online Boutique to find those quirky one of a kind items. We are always available to consult with you, offer advice or point you in the right direction.

Be Boho strong!

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