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Oh yes, Place Cards please!

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Everyone loves to be included and feel special in life.

Although weddings revolve around the bride and groom, guests love attention too.

Today's weddings may vary immensely in size, location and vibe. Every bride wants to put her signature on such a special day.

Place cards not only bring order to a reception, they also take the stress out of mixing friends, family and coworkers.

Seeing one's name at a beautiful table setting is welcoming. Usually special care has been taken to make sure everyone mingles, enjoys the meal and has a wonderful time.

A little whimsy goes a long way with place cards.

At my daughter's wedding reception we used gold animal place card holders.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to create your own.

Step 1

Purchase solid plastic animals. They come in various sizes. We chose the smaller ones, because you will not want to overwhelm the table setting. These are the ones we picked from Amazon:

Step 2

Design your card stock name cards.Choose a font and ink color that will complement your animal holder. We chose perforated card stock sheets that can be used in any computer printer and printed each card. Also hand calligraphy would be a stunning touch.

Step 3

Paint your animals. We chose gold spray paint, but any color that fits your color scheme will do perfectly. Let them fully dry.

Step 4

Cut a slit in the back of each animal. We had a wide variety of animals that we purchased on Amazon.We used a rotary cutting wheel attached to a drill to make each slit because our animals were extremely hard. I cleaned up each slit with a small handheld hacksaw blade.

During this step be sure to have a sample of the actual name card on hand. Insert the card into the slit.The weight and card size will determine where the cut should be cut due to balancing issues.

Do the final assembly (card placed into the slit on each animal) at the table to ensure the cards are not damaged or bent in transport.

Now you are ready to WOW your guests. The children in attendance loved playing with the animals as the evening progressed.

Please note that this idea can easily be used at Birthday parties, showers, family gatherings or at home dinner parties.

Remember to always put a personal mark on your event and let your style shine.

I hope this blog has been informative and helpful. We do use Affiliate Links to connect you to the products we used. Please be sure to subscribe to our email list for updates on new projects and ideas. Also, our boutique is filled with beautiful items to enhance your special day.

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