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5 Easy Steps For A Perfectly Decorated Christmas Tree

Your Christmas tree should be the focal point of your home's holiday decor. It is covered in shining lights and illuminated decorations that showcase your personality and style. Whether you choose a live fresh tree or an artificial one, the goal is the same.

The Christmas tree provides a central location to showcase years of collecting,inheriting heirloom ornaments or maybe this year a fresh start of new decorations sure to suit your current life style and situation. Your tree should be its own statement. It does not have to match your overall home's decor. It offers you the opportunity to branch out and experiment with creativity on its small footprint. Since my tastes are constantly changing I now prefer several tall pencil trees in different rooms in my home, each with its own theme.

You can have a traditional tree, children's tree, vintage tree or a tree covered with any items that brings joy to your life. I have a whimsical flocked tree that is covered in poodle ornaments to honor my two fur babies, Charlie and Bodie.

These are the items you will need to create your perfect tree

  1. Strings of lights if your tree is not prelit

  2. Several rolls of wired ribbon at least 3" wide

  3. Several premade garlands of either florals, beads, pom pom etc.

  4. Picks (decorations on long sticks) these can be silk flowers, berries,sequined balls etc.

  5. Individual decorations, these can be either a cohesive collection or an eclectic variety of items

When it comes to the ribbon, I do not like to wrap it around the tree in a continuous circle. I prefer loops that travel in and out of the branches in random sizes. This technique will give the tree depth and visual layers. I am not a symmetrical tree decorator, but I do like an overall balanced look. Although the ribbon is a focal point it should be a subliminal accent that enhances the tree's overall beauty,not the element that overpowers it visually.

The ribbon's color will begin guiding the tree's direction. All of the ribbon should be identical in color and width.

Another back drop item to add now is a premade garland. After selecting your ribbon you have selected the basic color scheme for your tree. Now with the garland selection you are committing to your tree's overall theme. A garland of gold beads will be a quite different look from a colorful garland of yarn pom poms.The garland will be applied in the same manner as the ribbon, in and out of the branches,not an outside circular ring.

This is where it starts getting fun. Think of the picks as fillers to help cover the landscape of the tree's body. They should be pushed into the branches while extending beyond the tree's silhouette. They add a new dimension and another form of expression.

Finally, the ornaments! Place them in any empty spaces that remain. I love a tree that is so full of decorations that they are overlapping and touching each other. Your tree should resemble an intricate puzzle where all of the pieces tell a story and provide a breathtaking finale.

If you need a starting place to locate decorations and decor please checkout

Our website is filled with countless items to enhance your home and life.

Best Wishes from The Hundredth Monkey during this season of love and joy!

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