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A "She Shed" Porch Renovation On A Budget

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

They purchased their dream home. Nestled in their new back yard was an abandoned pottery studio. The husband immediately envisioned a "man cave" for him and his friends. Of course he began the transformation with visions of large cookouts and football games on huge televisions. He realized no man cave would be complete without a deer head on the wall and oversized pool table in the center of the room. Throw in some recliners and a fridge and his utopia was complete.

The loving wife realized putting her touch on a man cave was futile. No matter what is hung on a deer head it remains a deer head. The best solution for her would be a "she shed" outside on the attached covered porch. Somewhere between the pool, soccer goals and trampoline her paradise would exist. She only needed a spot to read and sip wine with her friends.

I arrived and shared her vision, the transformation began. Siding was hung on the exterior walls. A concrete block wall was constructed to harness the encroaching rain and to help define her space. The necessities of ceiling fans and lighting were installed.

The owner was an avid gardner with an impressive green thumb. We took our color inspiration from nature using green tones then adding the vibrant blue hues possesed by the pool's sparkling water. Pink became our accent "pop of color".

Wicker furniture and all weather fabrics were used to accomodate the humidty and fluctuating weather conditions prevalent in the South. A shabby chic coffee table from a friend and a vintage pine wash stand anchored the space. Well, the first stage of our design was going so well that we decided to incorporate another portion of the porch into the design. The mancave had spread to the outside area where a grilling area had arisen. We claimed that space and relocated the grill to a new location. I envision an outdoor kitchen in their near future.

Now we had room for a dining area that would be perfect for keeping hungry children and their friends corralled outdoors. We incorporated chairs and a table the owner had available. A painted hutch was the perfect piece to house all the necessities for dining and snacks. In order to connect the two areas coordinating outdoor area rugs were used. A rug is the perfect anchor for any space because it defines the space while offering both visual interest and function. The concrete floors were softened both visually and physically to prevent wet children from slipping on the hard surface. Several benches were used to offer a holding place for towels and other items guest may need to bring along for the day.

The husband did have one request. He needed a TV hung on the porch to watch sporting events from the hot tub. We allowed this addition to our paradise because reality shows and HGTV could also be watched by us.

With a small budget we were able to create a santuary for mom and a fuss free kid zone. Truly a space for everyone to enjoy and congregate. The pool was visually available to view the children while mom relaxed in the shade under the cool fan breeze in her new domain.

The union of the "mantuary" and "she shed" was a total success.

At The Hundredth Monkey ,we realize that every project,client and budget is different and offers many unique challenges. We love different and we are up to the task. Check out our Boutique for an inspiration piece to spark your imagination and get you started on your special project. Remember, we are always here to help. Feel free to contact us with your questions and subscibe to our email list to receive the latest design news and boutique updates.

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