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Bar Carts, The Life of Your Party

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Do you love to entertain in your home?

Your next party should be the event that has everyone checking their mail in hopes of receiving that coveted invitation.

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Bar Carts, The Life of Your Party

Of course, you have a variety of friends. Shake them all together like your favorite martini, combining both the spicy and sweet into the mix. Now that the party has begun, how will keep everyone shaken and chilled? A bar cart or bar station should do the trick.


Let's explore the benefits of providing a home bar area.

A beverage center should be party central at your next gathering. A few accessories, a refreshing cocktail, and friends are all that you need to have an eventful evening. Knowing that everyone will be visiting that spot throughout the event, make it both enticing and convenient. You could even view it as a safe haven for anyone who is a bit shy or that person who needs a special space to aid in starting a conversation with an unknown guest.


To help make your bar welcoming include beautiful glassware, pitchers, napkins, flowers and items of interest.

Accessorize it to fit in with your home decor and your signature style. Are you traditional, mid-century modern, farmhouse or maybe a combination of several?

Your personal style should be reflected in your accessories. Items you love will make pulling your bar together easy. Look around your home. Find pieces of interest that will spark a conversation. Maybe something purchased on your travels or a special gift from a loved one. If your bar looks confused or disorganized use a tray to hold your items. Trays have a way of uniting all the different items on your bar and pulling your look together. It is a wonderful anchor.

Remember, you can easily change your bar seasonally with minor decor adjustments.

A poinsettia at Christmas, a large Chocolate Easter Bunny or Valentine roses can be a subtle Holiday nod.

Several items you will want to include are:

  1. A bar cart or specified furniture piece.

  2. Glasses, stemware, and condiment holder.

  3. Shaker or pitcher.

  4. Ice bucket (with ice for you rookies)

  5. Napkins, flowers, and items of interest


Hosting a party can be stressful if you are not prepared and organized. A bar area will allow you to prep beforehand and not add to your last-minute tasks. Make your bar self-serving. Allow your guests to prepare their own drinks without you on stand by. An assortment of alcohol, mixers, and ice are the necessities.

Narrow down the choices of alcohol for your guests. A small space may only allow room for several bottles of wine and crystal goblets. That too is perfect. But if you have space and inclination a Signature Cocktail recipe served in a stunning crystal pitcher is always a sure winner.

Try out this favorite of mine.

Spicy Monkey Margarita


2 oz Tequila

2 limes (1 squeezed for mixing and 1 sliced for garnishment)

1 orange, squeezed for mixing

1 1/2 tsp agave syrup or honey

1/2 jalapeno thinly sliced (seeds removed)

1 small can of Dole Pineapple/Orange Juice


1) Combine ice, Tequila, lime, orange and pineapple juice, agave(honey) and jalapeno slices

2) Salt the rim of your glass and fill with ice

3) Shake the cocktail shaker vigorously, bring out your inner bartender

4) Strain the mixture into your iced and salted glass

5) Garnish with lime and jalapeno slices

6) Enjoy

This recipe creates 2 glasses of magic!

If following a recipe seems difficult, purchase a premade Margarita mix. Add it to your tequila and ice in a beautiful pitcher. Always add a garnish to make it taste and feel special.


Your bar has transformed into a conversation area.

Your friends are mingling and laughing.

Your guests are happy you included them.

You are thinking, this was easy!

I have pictured several setups to spark your imagination and inspire your creativity.

A tasteful bar cart is an attainable and perfect addition to your living space.

Leave it set up year-round and make every day a celebration.

Find that special spot in your home and show off your style.



If you like what you see in our Bar Cart Inspirations, head over to our boutique to create your own special entertaining space. Most items in the pictures are for sale. The Hundredth Monkey Boutique always makes your shopping easy and fun. Visit our online shop now to get the items featured in this blog. Make sure to subscibe to our email list and receive the latest design news.

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