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Miracles and Milagros

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Miracles materialize in your lives in many shapes and forms. Sometimes the event is in your face and obvious to all involved. Other times the subtle energy enters with no one even aware of what has happened.

Time is not relevant when it comes to miracles. Miracles (Milagros) arise from grace.

Prayer is constantly talked about to the point that people offer prayers but never follow through with the action of praying.

Be sure your prayers are not only a list of requests and repetitive petitions. Prayer should be equal parts of silence and listening. God hears your needs the first time. Stop seeking and start receiving your gifts.

Be aware of the energy of prayer and the feelings and emotions that enter your body.

Petitions sometimes seem in vain. Remain present and visualize your requests.

At times a tactile object may aid in you expressing your deepest requests. They may help you focus on your true intention. Crosses and religious medallions have always had a place in offering protection, healing and strength.

The Spanish word for miracles is Milagros. Milagros, often referred to as Exvotos (offering), are small metal religious charms that can be symbolic of prayers or wishes. Milagros are also used to express gratitude for an answered prayer. Sometimes the charms are merely carried for protection or good luck.

The different shaped charms represent the needs and wants of the petitioner. The Milagros can be body parts, such as hearts, eyes, arms, legs, hands and heads. The Milagros may be may be male or female. Animals such as horses, sheep, pigs and mules represent different human qualities. An example could be a horse representing travel, work or speed. Also a hand may be the protective hand of God, exuding strength, power, protection, healing or generosity (lending a hand).

The Milagros may be attached to fabrics. Such as the clothing of a Saint statue. They may be hung with red ribbon or thread to altars or shrines. At times they are attached to church bells or nailed to wooden crosses.

I have collected several Milagros from different parts of the country and love their symbolism and beauty. Often rustic in appearance they appear to express the raw intention of the individual. I have always been drawn to the crosses and winged hearts.

Whether you use your Milagros for spiritual reasons or art, I feel the results are the same. The purchase has a deeper reason and connection with the object that may not be in their awareness of at the moment.

Acquire and surround yourself with objects of beauty and meaning. Let them enter your life as a gift from above.

Milagros are available on our website and custom designs are possible. Be sure to subscribe to our email list and shop our boutique for more fabulous and unique items.

Always Peace and Love........

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