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Salt and Pepper, Let's Shake Up Your Style

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Life Happens!

Jobs, family, home and relationships.

Sometimes in our busy everyday lives we function on auto pilot.

Reaching into the pantry for the same ingredients and preparing those same fail safe recipes.

Put beauty into your surroundings, let the ordinary become extraordinary!

Let your salt shaker make you smile, start appreciating those everyday necessities.

Everyone uses salt and pepper everyday. We all know the blue Morton Salt round cardboard box. Our mothers and grandmothers never failed to have one on hand.

You deserve more than cardboard.

Put your salt and pepper in beautiful crystal shakers. Arrange them on a silver tray and let them enhance your kitchen counter top.

Besides being extremely functional they can easily travel to your dining table.

Sometimes instead of using a shaker I use salt cellars with their own individual sterling spoons.

This insures your guests will notice your desire to make them feel special.

This tradition dates back to the Romans, however was most likely seen during the Victorian Era.The story is that a large single salt cellar was placed by the dinner party's head of household. The closer one was seated to the salt cellar at the table, the greater their importance at the event.

I have been labeled a "Shopper Extraordinaire".

I'll proudly own that title.

So I can guarantee that you'll be able to find these vintage shakers at Flea Markets,

Estate Sales and sometimes Thrift Shops. Their costs may range from $5 to $35.

This small investment can spark your creativity with everyday items and allow you to see them in a new beautiful light.

Shake up your old ways, be adventurous, even if it starts with such basics as salt and pepper.

They could spice up your life if given a chance.

Remember, The Hundredth Monkey Boutique has salt shakers and cellars available for you in there website shop.

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