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Subliminal Messages and Color Choices

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Do colors serve a purpose?

Does color affect your life, can it change your mood?

The world of color is truly a science.

Each color has its own energy that interacts with your body's frequency level.

We all have friends that affect our mood. Someone may be uplifting and enliven you with their presence. When they enter a room the atmosphere changes and you enjoy them being in your space.Then, there is that person who carries negativity and can bring a scene of pessimism and heaviness into your world.

Through the years you have learned to unconsciously identify these folks. Your instinct kicks in and you either approach or retreat. I've seen you on those grocery store isles, turn that cart around before they cast that web of negativity.

Well, that is exactly how color works.

Each color has a vibration frequency. Subliminally you are attracted to certain colors because of the emotions they evoke in you.

Ever heard of Subliminal Cuts?

The movie industry has used this tactic since the 1950's.

Do you ever have an urge for an ice cold Coke or popcorn while watching a show in the movie theater?

Movie reels were altered in a way you were unable to consciously recognize. Back in the day, movies were stored on rolls of film. Advertisers would strategically cut and splice the plastic film and insert pictures of ice cold beverage and boxes of hot buttery popcorn on the reel. These inserts were so subtle and interwoven into the movie that only your subconscious mind saw them. These repeated hidden photos could eventually trigger your body to go to the lobby and purchase refreshments. Only seconds in length these cuts were able to alter your thinking with you being unaware of what just happened.

This tactic is still used today, check out YouTube videos for examples of today's subliminal marketing messages. Yes, your children are experiencing them in their Disney movies too.

Hmmmm.... interesting yet disturbing.

Color's subtle energy is very similar.

Ever see a pink gym? Probably not, it is not a color of strength. That is why prison holding cells are often painted pink.The vibration of pink lowers your muscle strength, physical energy and thought patterns. Prisoners become more manageable when surrounded by pink.

If you want to speed up activity go to a fast food restaurant. One highly popular hamburger spot uses red and yellow throughout their decor.The juxtaposition of these colors creates energy. When you are surrounded by these bold opposing colors you gobble down your food and leave the location. With the aid of hard plastic seating you do not tend to hang around too long, hence the term "fast food".

Let's consider colors choices in your home or personal space.

Ever wonder why people gravitate toward soft hues of blue in their bedroom. Many want to create a haven of peace and tranquility that will encourage sleep. Others may prefer a vibrant shade of red to invoke an element of passion, however that is a different blog.

You hear people remark they want a happy sunny yellow kitchen or maybe a dark moody colored library as a backdrop to explore their books. They are searching for an emotion or feeling, not a color.

Become aware of your preferences. Identify what colors you are drawn toward. You will notice that during different stages of your life your choices can change dramatically. The decorating industry is counting on this.

There is an entire industry that decides for you what color you will crave next.

The, Color Of The Year, dominants color choices for everyone in retail that year.

The chosen color will appear in your furniture, accessories even the color of your bath towels and candles. If you shop frequently you will notice that everything in different chain stores match. This was a plan, not a coincidence.You are compelled to buy the current color trend.

You think you will not fall prey to this marketing tactic? Were you drawn toward shades of gray in 2019?

Don't succumb to trends and the flavor of the month. Make conscious choices that will envelope you and be what your soul seeks. Learn about color frequencies.Mix colors and experiment with new hues. Design your space for you.

Your tribe will be attracted to your vibe.

Be bold, be gentle, be neutral, but always be YOU!!!

At The Hundredth Monkey we understand color and want to help you create the perfect environment in your home. Be sure to subscribe to our email list to receive the latest news and trends from the design world.

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