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Wedding Shoes,Vintage Lace and New Memories

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

As a small child it was always a special day when my mother would open the mahogany cedar chest and pull out her wedding gown for me to try on.

I remember the softness of that satin gown and the countless satin covered buttons that ran down its back and wrists. It was hard to walk with the dress train wrapping around my ankles, but I loved the challenge. I always completed the exciting adventure walking toward the full length bedroom mirror.

I vowed as a child that I would wear that gown on my wedding day. In July of 1977, I walked down the aisle in my version of the altered gown.The bodice had been replaced with lace and covered in tiny pearls. The satin buttons pressed against my spine that enchanted day. I felt like that childhood princess from years past. I also wore a cathedral length veil lined in matching lace to complete my look.

Following the wedding my mother and I placed the gown and veil back into the cedar chest with hopes that one day my daughters would be captivated by its magical spell. Years later my two daughter followed in my footsteps. They would try on the gown and veil when visiting Grandma.

My first daughter Lauren, had a enchanting garden wedding at a historical venue in a nearby town. She chose a beautiful gown for her wedding day and looked magical.

Her sister, Taylor, decided on a more traditional church wedding. She found the dress of her dreams but wanted to integrate something from my wedding day. Although my veil was beautiful in its day, it wasn't a match for her new gown.

Looking at the veil we had an idea. We would incorporate portions of the lace into her wedding day look.

I cut pieces of the lace from the veil and covered parts of her satin wedding high heels.

The results exceeded our expectations.The shoes were perfect. I'm sure my mother watched from heaven with a loving smile.

Well, I've been married 43 years. The mahogany cedar chest now resides in my home. The gown rests inside. I am waiting for the day my granddaughters asks me to take out the magical dress so they can try it on and walk towards the mirror of dreams.

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